9th AirVentec China: Innovation, Industry Trends, and Looking Ahead to 2025 Show

The grand opening day was a resounding success! The 9th AirVentec China continued with great enthusiasm, revealing even more exciting content.

As a highly anticipated annual event, the 2024 edition of AirVentec China brought together leading companies and showcased cutting-edge products in the indoor air purification and ventilation technology sector. It set industry trends, promoted technological innovation, and facilitated the integration and exchange of upstream and downstream industries.

This year’s event emphasized solutions for indoor purification and ventilation systems focused on building energy conservation. It presented the latest advancements and technical solutions in indoor air conditioning, whole-house air management, intelligent air circulation control, high-efficiency filtration and disinfection, and commercial space air treatment.

Let’s take a look back at the grand opening of the first day! Reflecting on the wonderful moments from the start of the exhibition, we can appreciate the significance of the event.

The exhibition brought together many well-known brands in the industry, including IQAir, Bole, Buluogelin, Green Island Wind, Deye, Dinaike, Meichen, Nanhai Nanyang, Ruier, Shupai, Aidis, Jiasheng, Aochuang, and Airs. These companies showcased the three major trends in the purification industry: “green building,” “indoor health,” and “air treatment.” Additionally, they integrated comfort system solutions, creating a comprehensive business exchange platform for buyers. This platform addressed the one-stop, multi-scenario purchasing needs of buyers from various industries, offering solutions for building energy conservation and environmental protection.

Conferences on June 3

In addition to the product displays, the conferences were a highlight of the exhibition. Many industry experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the development trends and prospects in the field of ventilation. The experiences, insights, and suggestions they shared injected new vitality and motivation into the entire industry.

2024 China Healthy Settlement Conference

The First Working Meeting of the Standard “Application Conditions of Negative Ions in Healthy Environment”

Organizer: China Building Materials Distribution Association Indoor Purification Service Professional Committee, Wu Jixiang Studio

Supporting organization: “Ventilation Equipment” Business Special Issue, Ventilation Equipment Network

Organizer: Shanghai Herui Group

Air Purification and Disinfection Technology Forum

Organizer: China Building Materials Distribution Association Indoor Purification Service Professional Committee, Wu Jixiang Studio

Supporting organization: “Ventilation Equipment” Business Special Issue, Ventilation Equipment Network

Organizer: Shanghai Herui Group

New Product Launch

As a leading brand in the industry, Aidis has been committed to providing customers with the best products and services. At the recent new product launch, attendees had the opportunity to see Aidis’ new products firsthand, understand their design concepts and functional characteristics, and learn about the details and advantages of each product. Industry experts and media friends were also invited to attend, making this event a significant moment for Aidis and the industry.

Conferences on June 4

AirVentec China is not only a grand event for the indoor air and ventilation industry but also an excellent platform for exchanging ideas and sharing wisdom. At the conference, attendees had the opportunity to listen to authoritative experts deliver captivating speeches and learn about the most cutting-edge scientific research results and technological applications. Additionally, participants engaged in in-depth exchanges with peers from across the country, sharing experiences and insights while jointly exploring the future development of the industry.

Location: Conference Room A in Hall 5.2 (5.2H6193)

Event: Green and Low-Carbon Air Conditioning Technology and Energy-Saving Renovation Forum

Series: Shanghai Refrigeration Festival

June 4th 9:30-16:30

Location: Conference Room C in Hall 5.1 (5.1H3190)

Event: 2024 High-Efficiency Centralized Air Conditioning Technology Seminar

Series: Shanghai Station

June 4th 13:30-16:30

Location: Conference Room A in Hall 5.2 (5.2H6193)

Event: Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Building Technology Series Think Tank (Eighth Session)

June 4th 13:30-17:00

Location: M502 Conference Room

Event: The 7th Fresh Air Purification Industry: New Materials, New Technologies, New Products Exchange Seminar

June 4th 13:30-17:00

Location: M503 Conference Room

Event: Koshijia·Wuheng System Application Exchange Meeting

June 4th 13:00-16:00

Location: 4.2H Parallel Venue D2 Hall

Event: 2024 Heat Pump Comfort System and Low-Carbon Building Development Forum

June 4th 13:30-17:00

At this year’s exhibition, we focused on enhancing the audience’s visiting experience. The 9th AirVentec China, in collaboration with WieTec, introduced several themed exhibition areas. These include the comprehensive electromechanical system for luxury homes, the ultra-low energy consumption experience center, the heat pump leader position, and low-carbon building decoration and design. These specialized areas allow buyers to quickly find and explore popular products and benchmark cases of interest.

About WieTec

WieTec is a green tech industry platform focusing on energy conservation, emission reduction, and low-carbon technologies. It connects 200,000 suppliers with millions of buyers. Through WieTec website and WeChat mini-program, buyers have access to in-depth information about suppliers, including product pictures, manuals, corporate qualifications, and explanation videos. They can also quickly schedule meetings with suppliers with just one click.

Each year, WieTec hosts large-scale exhibitions that seamlessly integrate with the platform. At these events, buyers can engage in face-to-face communication with over 4,000 selected suppliers, experience products firsthand, and stay informed about new product releases, industry live broadcasts, offline conferences, and activities. This allows them to make well-informed decisions and adequate preparations for supplier reserves and procurement evaluations.

As we reflect on the highlights of this year’s exhibition, we invite you to mark your calendars for the upcoming AirVentec China show in 2025. With even more exciting content and opportunities for networking and learning, it promises to be an event not to be missed. Keep an eye out for updates and announcements, and we look forward to welcoming you to another successful gathering in the world of air purification and ventilation.