Exhibits Range

Point of Use Equipment

Pre-Filter, Central Water Softener, Central Water Purifier, Ultrafiltration Purifier, Nanofiltration Purifier, RO Water Purifier, Air-to-Water Machine, Electrolyzed Water Machine, Faucet Water Purifier, Water Filter Jug, Filter cartridge filter media and filter media, etc.


Drinking Water Equipment

Direct Drinking Water Machine, Water Dispenser, Water Boiler, Pipeline Machine, Automatic Water Vending Machine, Hydrogen-Rich Water, Piped Direct Drinking Water, etc.

Consumables and Accessories

Membrane, Booster Pump, Solenoid Valve, Transformer, Power Supply, Switch, Connector, Control Valve, Flowmeter, Water Meter, Pressure Tank, Machine Casing, Elbow, Tee, Water Distributor, PP Cotton, UV Sterilization Lamp, Activated Carbon, Water Softener Salt, Home Control Module, Cloud Service, Smart Hardware, Water Leak Protection Module, Human-Machine Interaction, Water Quality Monitoring, App Remote Control, Automatic Deduction Technology or Equipment for Shared Water Machine, etc.

Tee joints

Tee Butt Joint, Tee Lap Joint, Tee Corner Joint, Tee Fillet Joint, Double Fillet Tee Joint, Single Bevel Tee Joint, Double Bevel Tee Joint, Single Vee Tee Joint, Double Vee Tee Joint, Single U Tee Joint, etc.

Pressure barrels

Pressure barrels include safety valves, pressure gauges, inlet and outlet ports, pressure relief valves, pressure regulators, fittings, connectors, sealing components like gaskets or O-rings, pressure sensors, mounting brackets, ventilation or exhaust ports, etc.

Comfortable Home Appliances

Central Heating and Cooling, Health Comfort Customization, Fresh Air System, Air Purifier, Water Sanitary Ware Products, Faucet/Shower/Sink, Food Purifier, Garbage Disposal, etc.

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