Why Exhibit

Propel your business to new heights with WATERTECH CHINA 2025. Showcase your solutions in front of a global audience. Amplify your visibility and potentially increase your market share.

Access to a Large, Growing Market

  • 104,101 professionals from the water Industry visited WATERTECH CHINA 2024! This is where you can find serious buyers for your products.

Reach Buyers Across 28 Industries

  • Expect government departments, traditional municipal constructors, engineering and installation companies, design institutes, distributors, and agents.

Unlock Opportunities in China

  • 50% of buyers at WieTec China are looking for overseas products.

Showcase Latest Products and Technology

  • A platform to unveil innovative solutions and products from your company in front of an international audience of industry professionals.

Grow Brand Visibility and Market Exposure

  • WATERTECH CHINA 2025 provides a launchpad to elevate your brand visibility and market exposure to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Build Bridges to Success

  • A gateway to expand business networks, cultivate new partnerships, and secure sales orders.

With WATERTECH CHINA 2025, the possibilities for your business growth are limitless!

Find out more about how you can bring your business into China today!

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