VIP Membership

Introducing the Membership Diamond Club  Your Gateway to Premium Exhibitors at WATERTECH! 

VIP Membership Diamond Club is a precise, efficient, and diverse year-round procurement communication platform created by WATERTECH CHINA. The Club is designed for procurement decision-makers from professional sectors such as government departments, design institutes, engineering companies, dealers, end-users, and proprietors. Capitalizing on WieTec’s global influence in environmental protection field and its unique resource advantages, the Club utilizes a blend of online and offline methods to establish in-depth communication channels between VIP members with procurement needs and top-tier suppliers.

Club members have the opportunity to receive high-value information about new products and technologies from suppliers before anyone else. They also enjoy exclusive year-round consultative matching services. The Club is committed to resolving a variety of procurement issues for members in a timely manner, and members can also enjoy the comprehensive business experience brought about by the Club’s exclusive custom services.

VIP Membership is Extended to Professionals from Various Industries, Including:

Engineering Companies (HVAC Engineering, Point of Use Engineering, Hotel Engineering, Building Engineering, Air Conditioning Engineering, etc);

End-Users (Hotels, Real Estate, Hospitals, Schools, etc);

Distributors/Agents/Traders (Home Appliance Distributors, Point of Use Distributors, Kitchen and Bath Distributors, Interior Decorating Companies, etc).

Position Scope of Invited VIP Membership

The invited VIP Membership of the Club is specifically focused on professionals holding positions of department managers or higher-level executives within a company. These individuals possess procurement decision-making or advisory authority and are typically from departments such as Engineering, Procurement, Equipment, Technical, and others.

For more information about the Club, please contact us:

Ms. Wang

Tel: +86 21 60908441