Visiting Guide for WieTec 2024: Showcasing Environmental Innovation and Energy Efficiency

Step into the future of environmental protection and energy efficiency at WieTec 2024, happening from June 3 to 5 at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. This year’s event promises to be the largest yet, spanning over 260,000 square meters and featuring more than 4,000 exhibitors showcasing over 100,000 innovative products. Dive into the latest advancements in water technology, environmental protection, energy-saving solutions, and more, while engaging in insightful discussions with industry experts at over 80 summit forums. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this global hub of innovation and thought leadership—register your visit now and mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience in Shanghai!

Your Guide to WieTec 2024

Get ready for the much-anticipated WieTec, held from June 3 to 5! Here’s your guide to this exciting event, along with a sneak peek at the latest products and technologies on display.

As global awareness of environmental protection continues to rise, themes such as energy conservation, emission reduction, pollution control, and carbon reduction have become central to industrial development. In this context, the environmental protection industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by expanding market capacities, supportive policies, and financial incentives. These factors are fueling the industry’s rapid advancement and innovation.

WieTec 2024 will be held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center from June 3-5. This year’s exhibition is the largest ever, spanning over 260,000 square meters. It will host more than 4,000 leading brand exhibitors and showcase over 100,000 high-quality products. Additionally, over 1,000 companies will unveil new products, offering cutting-edge solutions for both industrial and municipal environmental protection and energy conservation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of environmental protection and energy-saving technologies. See you in Shanghai!

Major Exhibitions at WieTec 2024

This year’s WieTec will feature five major exhibitions:

  1. Watertech China (Shanghai edition)
  2. Flowtech China (Shanghai edition)
  3. Ecotech China
  4. Intenv China
  5. Energy Saving

This umbrella event will comprehensively display advanced product technologies and solutions across the entire environmental protection industry chain, including water treatment, membranes, pumps, pipes, pollutant prevention and control, valves, waste gas/solid waste management, environmental monitoring/process control, fans, compressors, and industrial heat pumps.

Exhibition Halls and Brand Exhibitors:

  • Hall 3/4.1: Flowtech China (with brand exhibitors)
  • Hall 5.1: Ecotech China (with brand exhibitors)
  • Hall 5.1: Intenv China (with brand exhibitors)
  • Hall 6.1/7.1: Energy Saving (with brand exhibitors)
  • Hall 6.1/7.1/8.1: Watertech China (with brand exhibitors)

Spotlight on WieTec: A Hub of Innovation and Thought Leadership

WieTec has consistently served as a premier showcase for innovative products and cutting-edge technologies in energy conservation and environmental protection. Beyond this, it has established itself as a vital platform where industry elites can interpret policies, understand market dynamics, and explore development opportunities. This guiding influence helps participating companies navigate new channels and overcome market challenges.

The upcoming three-day event will feature over 80 summit forums, covering four major topics. It will bring together nearly 1,000 industry experts, including renowned academicians, scholars, and business leaders. These experts will delve into hot topics such as energy conservation, environmental protection, sewage treatment, smart water management, construction and municipal drainage, VOCs management, and environmental monitoring. The conference promises to spark insightful discussions and foster a dynamic exchange of ideas, propelling the industry forward.

Join Us at WieTec 2024: A Gathering of Global Wisdom and Innovation

WieTec is a large-scale event that brings together global wisdom and cutting-edge technology. We eagerly anticipate discussing development strategies with industry colleagues, sharing successful experiences, and forming synergies to advance the entire environmental protection industry.

Register your visit, and mark your calendars for June 3-5—we look forward to seeing you there! 🌟